John Michael, Ph.D., LPC

Creating Hope & A New Marriage

Things can be difficult in life and marriage. Sometimes you need help processing the struggles you are facing, but finding and following through with a good counseling program takes courage, faith and hope. The Christian counseling team at Lifetime Marriage is here to help you restructure your marriage with a new system of communicating that will take you to a new level of hope.

We will help you, through personalized sessions and a caring, safe environment, to identify and understand how you think and feel, establishing a new "language" with your spouse and a new framework for interaction. Based on professional, caring and accurate support from our therapists, our Restoration Intensives can be a new beginning for a brand new, lifetime marriage! We invite you to READ MORE.

Your Marriage in Crisis

Our powerful and effective marriage counseling formats are available to you when you need them. The Restoration Intensive experience may be the perfect intervention for you and your spouse. If you describe your marriage as in crisis or on the brink of divorce, please continue reading.

If you and your spouse are committed to your relationship but weekly or hourly counseling hasn't helped, we believe that one of our Marriage Restoration Intensives can have a dramatic and lasting impact on you and your marriage.